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Default Re: BOBA FETT and Young HAN SOLO Spin-Offs Being Planned?

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Except you don't see any of it.

It's all kind of implied.

It's like Luke visiting Yoda off screen in ESB. Yoda wouldn't be iconic if it was only implied he trained Luke and the audiences didn't see anything.
It was pretty on screen. He's seen following Han after he escapes Vader. He's seen with Vader in Cloud City. He's the only person in the movie that stands up to Vader and questions him (that Vader doesn't threaten or more often kill). He gets away from our heroes and wins at the end of the day too. You have to keep in mind movies are a visual medium, and theres a lot more that can build characters and presence than story alone.

Boba Fett was pretty worthless in Jedi, and perhaps Lucas didn't expect Boba garner respect, but Kershner certainly knew what he was doing with the character.

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