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Default Re: I want a new Spidey Animated series

Originally Posted by spida-man View Post
In a perfect words where we get a new series, I'd want one using the exact same art and animation as what is shown here:

Why would you want cheap art and animation?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I loved the designs of Spectacular Spider-man, sure, some characters like Green Goblin could have been done better, but the designs fitted Spidey perfectly, and since it was simple it was easy to animate, leading to more fluid movements and awesome fight scenes.

So many prefer Ultimate's designs, i don't enjoy them that much, it's the same type of designs we've seen in a thousand cartoons, while Spectacular's gave it an identity, and the fight scenes don't even compare.
Yeah, TSSM's stylistic designs grew on me.

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
We all are aware of this. But they cancelled a good show & replaced it with a crappy one. We're expanding on that premise and saying how they could fix it. I personally still think the chief reason why they 86'd Spectacular is because it had similarities to the Raimi movies; the origin, the action style, some images being ripped right from the screen and replicated in animated form. And I think Ultimate, like the reboot, was designed to appeal to the "new generation" of Spidey fans.
I'm pretty sure that's not why. There are several reasons why it happened but I highly doubt that's one of them.

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