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Default Re: That Wasn't The Wrestling Thread, That Was CGI!

Forner WWE and TNA star Kevin Nash posted the following on Twitter:
"Taz has an iron clad contract,that allows him to interact in felony acts and keep his job.Why don’t they raise 4 fingers on each hand? Ouch!"

"That’s all I wanted to comment about, story line is getting weak buy adding sub mid card players, history always repeats itself."

"I love watching pro wrestling, not trying to s–t on the product.Just feel the show should revolve around Angle.who would kill the crew"
What does Nash mean about "adding sub mid card players"? It's been pretty much that from the start.

Originally Posted by bullets View Post
Nice list.

Mine is :

Punk vs Lesnar
Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan
Mark Henry vs Sheamus
Cesaro vs Cena
Punk vs Christian

Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes
I'd love to see Christian get that kind of high profile feud.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Hrm...I think I would say...

Punk(face) vs Lesnar
Henry vs Sheamus
Cena vs Cesaro
Orton(heel) vs Ryback(I honestly would think Ryback would do well with Orton and vice versa)
Ziggler vs Jericho(I want more of these two than what we got last year)
Cesaro vs Cena would be this generations Sting vs Kolov.

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