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Default Re: BOBA FETT and Young HAN SOLO Spin-Offs Being Planned?

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Except you don't see any of it.

It's all kind of implied.

It's like Luke visiting Yoda off screen in ESB. Yoda wouldn't be iconic if it was only implied he trained Luke and the audiences didn't see anything.
I see you brought up Yoda a couple of times, but to be fair, for the little Boba did in the OT, Yoda actually does just as little himself. Besides lifting the x-wing, he does absolutely nothing useful onscreen either. He spoke in riddles that not even Luke bothered listening to and just croaks in his couple minutes in ROTJ. But yet, it's implied that he fully trains Luke to face Vader which made people excited to see what he could do in the PT as far as Jedi bad-assery goes. Why are people so against Boba getting the same treatment?

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