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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
He didn't use the shurikens/batarangs in TDK either.

Batman Begins:
1.) Tumbler
2.) Batarangs/shurikens
3.) Grapple gun
4.) Scope
5.) Frequency sonar for the bats
6.) Mini-bombs(I guess that's what they would be called)

The Dark Knight:
1.) Tumbler
2.) Bat-pod
3.) Pneumatic mangler
4.) Explosive gel
5.) Grapple gun
6.) Bat-sonar

The Dark Knight Rises:
1.) Bat-pod
2.) The Bat
3.) EMT gun
4.) EMT device
5.) Flashbangs/stun pellets(whichever you prefer to call them)
6.) Batarang darts
Technically, his cape is a gadget too. In TDKR, he uses the grapple gun to lift the hostage off the motorcycle and gives the mini bombs to Blake, if that counts. In TDK, he uses the flying gauntlet blades, the electric shock to protect his mask, the smaller sonar device used in Hong Kong, the device to pull out of the building, and the saw to drill out Joker's bullet, if that counts as a gadget.

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