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On another topic....

I just watched a very interesting documentary on the "Motion Picure of America Rating system" for movie's. I'm not gonna name the film (it is on NetFlix) as there are kids under 17 on this forum, but it is crazy how corrupt the ratings board has been since it's beginning in 1968. With that said, here are a few things that discribe the ratings system (that I remember) and a PG-13 rating, as MOS has received....

-About the board... In order to be a board member you have to be a Parent with a child 5 years or older (although this documentary exploits this through interviews with past board members who claim this is a lie, and have rated movie's with members who were not parents). These board members are guarded like the President and cannot and are not allowed to be seen or speak with the public/media, etc.

GA= No nudity, no s#x, no drugs. Violence must be cartoonish and minimal, language may go beyond polite, such as "Fart", "Darn", "Heck", etc.

PG= There maybe strong language such as "S**t", "Azz", and brief nudity, and violence such as humorous violence is tolerated, like kicking someone is the "azz".

PG-13= "Parents are strongly cautioned"... You are allowed to throw up the middle finger, swear all you want other then using the "F" word more then once. The "F" word may only be used once in the movie, but no more then ONE TIME, or the film will most likely get an "R" rating. Sexual scenes are allowed but depending on the time frame can bump up the rating. So 10 seconds of a love scene maybe allowed,while 12 seconds will bump your rating up to an "R". You can say swear words, but if the actor does so while using drugs with a handgun in his/her hand, the film will be rated "R".

I was shocked at how many famous producers/directors actually had films rated "NC-17" based on only a scene or two,and once deleting these scene's, the ratings dropped to an R or even PG-13 (Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, the list goes on)!!! Just crazy! For instance..The "South Park" movie 12-13 years back received an "NC-17" rating at first even though the SAME things were shown on Comedy Central for everyone to watch (and even to this day)!

I know there was a good amount of questions on the rating system a while back reguarding MOS, and if you are of age, I highly recommend this documentary, it is very informative and educational about how movie's are rated, why they are rated the way they are, and the reason behind why certain movies are given a higher rating then others while both movie's seem to be on equal ground, and what role politics have played in movie ratings through-out the years.

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