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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Emgr55 View Post
Thank you for checking out my collection I do try to make it look good and worth posting.

My tumbler is the first one that came out for Batman Begins I've had it that long i also have The Dark Knight tumbler chillin in my closet.

And the unmasked Batman is a movie masters edition from the TRU 2pk that comes with Bane,I made that one i just popped off the head off my prototype suit Bruce Wane.

Now my BatPod was expensive I had to pay $80 for it off ebay the same night The Dark Knight Rises came out in theaters.
That's weird it's almost a blue color like my dark knight rises one, buttons are all in same place. The regular dark knight or the one where the bat pod shoots out of it? Haha I got into the first two movies late, I just started collecting stuff myself a couple years ago.

Haha that gave it a cool look but what you did with your banes is what I really like hahaha, I still haven't picked up that 2 pack, been waiting to see if TRU will put some of this stuff on clearance since movies been out so long now.

I've seen people say it was like 16.99 when it came out haha, cheapest I've seen online is 100 I'm box. Semi-Big batpod wise I've got the dark knight rises one where he's on it and the limited edition bluray that came with a batpod.

Originally Posted by Emgr55 View Post
If any of u guys want me to pick up any of the Batman unlimited figures im sure i can still get some from the Walmart i got mine at.

Only thing is ill have to go see what they have left and go get a quote for shipping for u guys at fedex,just lmk if i can help i really dont mind just pm me and ill send u my paypal info..
Yeah get a quote, may be a nice size reasonable price priority box option or something. Personally I only need Batman, but your Walmart will probably get the other waves quicker as well haha. The next batman wave is just two figures right? Cause Batmite comes with Planet Batman, seen it on eBay cheapest was 24.99, and dark knight returns was like 30. Cheapest first wave batman is like 23, which isn't bad.

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