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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - Part 9

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
What's wrong with liking Toys ???

Looking at the ever increasing prices of Toys these days, I doubt that any 10 year old can afford them.

Anyone that is seriously anticipating this film will appreciate the art work and toys that have been shown thus far, the detail that has been shown in these figures show us something that we have not seen in set Pics or in the trailer, it's gold to us serious fans of this film! Some need to remember that we have not had a great Superman movie in over 30 years!

I have literally spent $600 so far having MOS figures made for me, 2 of which are in progress of being sculpted and made for me. I appreciate the art, and my appreciation comes fom my love for Superman and what I feel this film will be.

What I see as total CRAP, is the amount of comments being posted on YouTube or other certain sites stating "Another Superman Movie, how many are they gonna make?!".

I find it funny that Batman has had 8 MAJOR Hollywood movie's produced in the past 22 years, while Sups only had "1" in the last 29 years, which was in 2006!!! NO ONE complains about batman?! You know why? Because Chris Nolan made everyone forget about the past crap movies! lol It's TRUE!

Just hoping MOS makes an impact as TDK has, us fans need this.

The Morningstar: "Making Superman dark is probably the dumbest idea ever. It goes against everything that the character represents."

"But there is nothing wrong with making a film about him a bit edgier and less corny."

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