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Default Re: Official Batman Titles thread 2.0 - - - - Part 13

About to start Final Crisis. All I gotta ask is Morrison's pacing and writing as frenetic as in TBG or RIP? I find Morrison's work to be a little verbose and all over the place. I love it don't get me wrong, it's different that's for sure buy is his stuff always like this or is it just his work with Batman? RIP was just damn odd though especially the ending, I mean I get it and I understand what went down but I dunno, feels like something is always left unsaid or up to the imagination with these books. I'm not entirely sure how to articulate it coherently either it's just, odd. And I'm not meaning the story really even though it sure is but it's just the pacing and the disjointed structure of the story that kind of throws me off a bit. All in all great reads so far, I'm just ready to start Final Crisis, I've been wanting to read this for a while. Hope that Bruce's "death" was handled well since from everybody else's perspective he really was killed.

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