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Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
Anyone could guess the release date on the next trailer and probably get it right. The film is only 4 months away after all.

I think we need to start thinking with common sense, it's kinda obvious to me it will be in April, if we are lucky the end of March (based on WB's track record).

If I were personally in-charge of the marketing/release of info for MOS, I would release some set-pics before April, mainly of ZOD and maybe a fight scene or 2, throw Henry on some Mag Covers, interviews with cast, then launch the final MOS trailer (3) first week of April.

Pre-Major marketing for MOS starting at the end of April (McDonald's toys, BurgerKing, whatever they decide to go with), and then picking up the pace the second week of May after Iron Man 3's excitement starts to die down a bit with the GA.

Full circle mass marketing starting May 10th-15th, including Trailer commercials, major spots on the highest rated shows and sports such as NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, last 3 American Idol broadcast including the finale, hit ever major networks highest rated broadcasts with MOS trailer (etc,etc), Toy Commercials, etc, up untill it's release June 14th. WB needs to get Henry's face on every major entertainment magazine, weather a small spot on the front or full cover, people need to see MOS being promoted while standing in lines at WalMarts around the nation/world and other major food joints.

Thats simply my common sense feeling(s) going forward with MOS Marketing as far as what I feel needs to be done. One thing is for sure, WB is gonna dump some serious, SERIOUS cash into Marketing this time around, they have no choice if they want to compete with Marvel and the Avengers as far as looking forward with their Superhero franchises and a future JL Movie.

The Morningstar: "Making Superman dark is probably the dumbest idea ever. It goes against everything that the character represents."

"But there is nothing wrong with making a film about him a bit edgier and less corny."

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