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Default Re: The Official Thor 2 Fan Art & Manip thread

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Okay, connect the dots for me. . .what about the background precludes Muspelheim? Is it the sun streaming in from above? <shrug> Maybe there is a sun over that world. The subsequent picture shows streams of lava and a little bit of sunlight. So I'm not ready to rule out Muspelheim. Otherwise, maybe this is an area on Asgard for trolls? Nidavellir? Svartalfheim? (maybe the dark elves live underground on their world?)
looking at the background, and zooming in too, it really looks like water not lava there, and snow capped mountains, Iceland basically , so that's why I was thinking it was probably not Muspelheim.

I was thinking at first that those statues were goats but there are claws there, with a globe held there, and fire coming from the top of the globe. and they have sort of a pleasant smile to the face, not gaping vicious jaws open. Little details, but interesting to me anyway. I think it might be meant to be Hela's palace, or I suppose could be Nornkeep.

Regarding the little gathering on the rock cliff, of course, not every culture uses white for the bride. (Doing a little poking around, it's not clear the Vikings had a special gown for brides, and I've seen the suggestion of the use of red in medieval times in Scandinavia.) The figure in white could be a priestess arriving for a ceremony, for example, such as some sort of sacrifice.
oh, of course, just that's what the picture first brought to my mind, a wedding, if it was meant for Thor 1 I suppose it could have been for Karnilla and Balder.

btw, did we see that image before somewhere on a Thor 1 concept art link that you had brought up?

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