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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I don't see XM: DoFP as X4.

I see it as X-Men First Class 2. It could leave us with a teaser/set-up for X4 though.

If DoFP is the end of the First Class storyline, that means we don't get to see Jean, Cyclops and Storm recruited to the school in the 80s to bring it full circle and right up to X1. Unless, somehow (and regardless of timeline possibilities), those three are recruited in DoFP to become the first true X-Men and help stop the assassination and the Sentinels. Not sure where that leaves Banshee and Havok.
I do hope it's not the end of the FC storyline. It'd be nice if they made full use of the actor's 3-picture contracts. Not to mention, despite less-than-hoped-for box office returns, the First Class was extremely well received and many people who never were into the old trilogy or who had left it behind felt invigorated by the new take. I sincerely hope they keep going. And I do hope the 10 year jump wasn't done in the name of tying off the FC series in order to continue with the old cast...

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