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Default Re: Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?

"Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?"

I doubt it. If the box-office receipts on these things are any indicator, audiences prefer their Transformers movies as retarded and pandering as possible. So don't get your hopes up. Much as I wish the TF movie franchise had been treated like the MCU by the people who were making it, it's not gonna happen for the simple reason that studios are not likely to break from a moneymaking formula. As for the 1986 animated movie...I hesitate to call it "good". Important to the TF mythos, maybe.

For me, personally, the biggest steps toward improving the TF franchise would be to totally eradicate the lowbrow humor; do away with the Ancient Cybertronian MacGuffins in favor of a DIFFERENT kind of plot for once; and scale the number of robots back to manageable and affordable levels in order to ramp their screen time back up instead of just loading up on nameless cannon-fodder.

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