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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Edit: Also forgot about the mini-bomb being used in TDKR as well AND the grapple gun could've been used during Batman's return as well when he pulled up that one hostage.
Yah, I realized I looked over the mini-bombs and the grapple gun on the last page, but I don't think I would consider the gauntlet blades specifically for TDKR just because the gauntlets are used as weapons in all three films; if anything, I should've had his gauntlets for every film(he broke Ra's al Ghul's sword with them, he used the blades on Joker, he broke Bane's mask).

And I never really think of the cape as a "weapon", but I could see how someone would see it as that, but I just never did.

The other ones...I think that's just getting real detailed, lol. The electric shock with his mask was just a precaution if someone tried to pull his mask off, the smaller sonar device was just added to the Bat-sonar(as the EMT device was the EMT device Batman uses in the sewers AND the device he gave Gordon to use on the bomb, since that's what they are, devices which separates from the gun he uses), the Sky-Hook wasn't really Batman's weapon as Bane uses it as well and the little drill...okay, MAYBE that would count, so that's an extra one.

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