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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Yes, and thank God he said that, to put an end to all the silliness on here and other places which made them sound like they were in some bitter and hateful feud.
Meh... it's extremely rare that a director or actor will speak out publicly about on set feuds - it's just considered bad for one's professional reputation. I would never speak out against a colleague that I disliked working with publicly. It's best to keep that kind of stuff to one's self. That's why I was surprised that the info about their altercation came to light so soon after the film was released. Usually, it's many yrs later.

I don't believe they have an ongoing feud. I do suspect that Singer does not really like working with her that much. There were also rumours of a Halle/Famke feud on X3 (and Famke hints that her screentime was reduced in X3 because some other bigger star needed screentime - that's not something an actor likes!).

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