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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by lordofthenerds View Post
I didn't sound weird to me. It sounded like a careful and polite way of saying that he has no plans to put her in it.
I dunno. Bryan is not one to mince words. The film starts shooting in 2 months; what would be the point? If she wasn't in the plan at all Bryan would've just come right out and said so. He knows fans want her back; to tease us with "Maybe/Maybe Not" and then follow up with "Not" would be less than polite.

He said it wasn't a contractual issue which basically means Halle is open to doing it. It's in his hands and the storyline's needs. If he DOES bring her back--even if it's last minute--can you imagine what it would do for fans (like myself) who have always believed he cared little for the character? It'd be like uniting a fractured Democratic fanbase between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton!

We'd truly be "united" then.

That said, he better not be f***ing around with us! LOL

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