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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Sometimes I wish Matthew Vaughn was still directing this. His X3 had Storm in a prominent position and was much better written
Yeah... and they just had to kill Cyclops, Professor Xavier, and sideline the Dark Phoenix Saga in order to do it. I can't exactly cry foul for them potentially sidelining Storm in Days of Future Past, when they seemingly did that to other characters for Storm in The Last Stand. If that's the kind of writing people expect in order for her to return, then leave her out.

Personally, I don't need Storm to have a meaty role or one as big as in the original storyline. I would, however, like to see her return because I feel the story lends itself to good character moments, as opposed to the Storm who considers closing the school and abandons her former teammates.

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