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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

I will agree that there was no hype for the character before the movie came out. This was odd and kind of dropping of the ball on Warner Bros.'s part. I mean c'mon, after Batman and Joker, Catwoman is probably the most iconic character in the Bat-mythos. Certainly, the second most iconic Bat-villain. But other than one cool moment in the trailer ("there's a storm coming") no emphasis was put on her.

Part of the reason I think that people were lukewarm about Hathaway in the role was because the marketing did very little to convince otherwise. Then, after the movie was released, the one thing that people all over agreed upon was how great Catwoman is in the movie. Nothing else got that kind of universal praise which was the closest to the response that TDK got (though not nearly as strong).

It shows that it could have stirred more. Then again, the movie did as well as it could given the unfortunate circumstances and did not need more hype. Oh well.

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