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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

we dont know that really, x4ever.

around 2004-2005, the press made an issue with it, but the reality is we shouldnt believe all the things we read on the net, and even the newspaper or tv.

the press is full of fake stuff.

Berry wasnt happy with her role, same as fans, thats not wrong.

what happened between Fox and Berry, None of us will ever know.

And at the end of the day, its the director and writers who decide what to do and what not to do. If Ratner made a short movie, THAT was the reason the other characters were poor, not because of Halle.

The main problem of the movie was the running time and the director. Not Storm's role. Lets be realistic, please.

And again, the only star of the movie was Wolverine, NOT Storm.

who's the character who spoke with Scott before leaving the manssion?.... Wolverine
who's the character that spoke to Charles on the lab about Jean blocks?.... Wolverine
who's the character that was present when Jean awoke?...... Wolverine
who's the character that saw how Jean killed Charles?..... Wolverine
who's the character than went to the forest to find Jean?.... Wolverine
who's the character that talked with Magneto on that forest?..... Wolverine
who's the character that talked with Rogue before leaving the school?.... Wolverine
who's the character that gave the speech to the x-men before going to war?.... Wolverine
who's the character that spoke with Kitty before she went in Leech's rescue?.... Wolverine

I could say more scenes, but these are enough.

Wolverine talked with all the x-men during the movie, like he was everywhere. HE stole the screentime of the rest of the characters.
both Rogue and Angel should have had bigger roles, with the plot of the cure, but no, the writers and Ratner gave the spotlight to Wolverine, more than ever.

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