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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by X4ever View Post
I agree marvelrobbins. I hope Halle Berry is NOT in DOFP because she's a spoiled overpriced b**ch! She only did X3 b/c she got what she wanted which was getting more screentime than anyone else alongside Hugh Jackman and she took away from everyone else! She took away from poor Anna who was NOT suppost to regress and from Famke who was NOT suppost to be just some walking corpse. Since Halle already got her time to shine and since Jean is dead it's time Rogue/Anna got her time to shine and look like a real hero.

Now that the douchbag known as Tom Rothman is gone I think Bryan Singer will get to do things he wants to do. If Bryan Singer and Mark Millar choose to focus on every character equally Halle will NOT accept it.

Wow. What colorful words for people you've never met. Overpriced b****? Flying douche bags too? Really? There, there. Now that you've got that out of your system let's look at the facts again:

1.) Yes, Halle is priced high. Winning an Academy Award will do that do ya. Blame her agents. Oh, and the Academy, those f***ers!

2.) The second origin story this franchise ever saw was that of Rogue. Say what you will, but Bryan did an excellent job of making Rogue the "heart" of that original trilogy. Her relationship with Logan is actually a love story in itself. And I think most fans would agree she's gotten more 3 dimensional character development than Storm ever has. Is she super-powered Rogue? Well, no. But that's because of the "reality-grounded" universe Bryan Singer created. How is that Halle Berry's problem? Her character came with flashy powers.

3.) What proof do you have that Thom Rothman somehow has restricted Bryan Singer from doing great character development on the first two X-films? Halle was part of those too and did just fine with him and them. His departure from Fox has no bearing on Bryan's directing style. So...what's your point?

4.) You've mentioned Rogue quite a bit in your post. Are you afraid that if that "overpriced" b**** Halle gets in Anna Paquin won't get paid?

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