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Default Re: The Official Thor 2 Fan Art & Manip thread

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
it says under the environments gallery "some of my environment work i did... I will update this section soon with some existing new material i did for Thor 2" so I'd say those are probably not for Thor 2 but maybe some stuff that was drawn up and *early on* under consideration to be used for Thor 1, but wasn't used.

If that is meant to be Surtur there, he's quite different from the comics, in this artists interpretation.
well obviously a film version will look different. Which image are you referring to? Cause I think the last one is suppose to be Surtur, and to me, that's not TOO different. It's more of a monstrous version of Surtur, and I can see the comic influences in that. The horns are there, if that's our mcu Surtur, I'm pumped

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