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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

See, that's what I always thought as well. I don't see the Nolans forgetting about the plot point simply because they reminded the fans of Gordon and Blake's discussion about the lie earlier, so I highly doubt they forgot about the idea of Gordon resigning or being fired. I definitely see him being a war hero again and being able to keep his position. Even if he made this one bad choice, he isn't as twisted as guys like Flass and he definitely seemed like he cared more about the position of Commissioner than even Loeb. Him being mentioned as a "war hero" could have been a subtle hint of what is to happen to Gordon in the end of the film. He still is a war hero, even after taking the hit of the lie and its reveal, he was there with Batman and Catwoman to the very end of the fight.

I am fine with the way they handled the Dent reveal to be honest, with even the little detail of that priest asking Blake where Gordon was and Blake quickly replied by telling him the less he knows...Gordon was in hiding because of cops are being hunted down by dogs and that those 1,000 prisoners could be looking for Gordon's head as well; the ONLY extra thing I would want, and I think it would've even fit the IMAX time restraint is during Gordon's sentencing, people are tossing rotten food and other stuff at him.

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