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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I'm fine with the villain choices and Two-Face was perfect in TDK, but I would have just added Reese as an ally for Bruce, but not trying to have him move on like Alfred was pushing him to do and getting him "back in the game" as Lucius was doing, but just someone there that tried to help him on the business side since Wayne Enterprises was losing money and Reese becomes defiant to Bane so Bane uses Reese as an example and snaps his neck. That, I would do differently than you as I wouldn't want it to be Bane trying to find out Batman's identity through Coleman Reese. Bane wanting to turn on the nuclear reactor and before Fredericks stands up to help, Reese tries to do the heroic thing since he was so cowardly in TDK and his "reward" is a snapped neck from Bane.

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