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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Went and picked up batman, the one they held me was all bent so I went and grabbed the one on the rack haha. They had every character at that target. I'm more of a DC guy myself, but I've been watching the new ultimate Spider-Man cause its kind of post avengers and has famous voices, anyways they had new toys of it, was tempted to get a couple, including the iron spider (iron man episodes) but I decided not to, I just need to stick with batman and DC haha

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Thanks man
Just a quick revision, Wonder Woman and batman are wave 2, wave 3 will be superman, darkseid, aquaman, and the joker, with all of those being injustice variants except darkseid and aquaman, they'll be regular dc unlimited new 52 I imagine.

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They are both made by NECA and they will also be releasing a Man of Steel Supes as well 1/4th scale. Nice figures and the price isn't to terrible at about $80 each.

I hope they come out with a 1/4th Batman Begins figure as well. NECA has really been turning it up lately with their figure lines and the detail on these 1/4th scale look great!
I can't spend hot toys money on these statues haha so these NECA are really nice. You just get them online or ask comic shop to pull one for you?

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