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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
I can buy Happy biting it, but I just can't wrap my head around Pepper. I don't see it happening.

Maybe, maybe not.

But there is the fact that Gwyn has publicly voiced a desire to move on from the Iron Man franchise in interviews; and there's not really that many trailer scenes and screenshots we've seen that feature her. We know she's living in the Malibu mansion; we know she's in the hospital in China where Tony apparently gets Extremis-ized by Dr. Wu; we know she's in some kind of dinner date-y scene with Killian (that may or may not be a flashback); we know that she's looking at the cracked faceplate in the ruins of either the Malibu attack or the Chinese Theater attack; and she appears in some kind of death-trap-looking chair *somewhere* or other. That's it. And if my outline above is right, then she's only in the first half, or even first *third*, of the movie.


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