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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Not if Iron Man goes up to space and encounters him, before returning to Earth for TA2
I don't see how this solves anything.

A dozen heroes doesn't work. Sorry. Even a half-dozen heroes led to Hawkeye not getting much characterization in the first film.

Audiences want more interplay between the Avengers themselves, not The Avengers: The Last Stand featuring 2 minute non-roles for a bunch of characters that were in the previous movies and a few characters that weren't
Wow, you just compared a dozen relavent characters to almost over 2 dozen that were in Last Stand, many of which were not only heroes but villains and had nothing to do intimately with the plot, which itself didn't have nearly as much development as the plot coming in A2 will have had. Your argument lost all credibility right there. Don't compare something like this to Last Stand if you want to make a legitimate argument.

What we're talking about with A2 is a movie that will have a good 12 or so heroes with one specific villain in Thanos. All of those characters will be relavent to the plot, which was built up over the course of several films, and don't all require to be the main focus of the entire film. Will some characters have to take a back seat to others? Yes, but that's not inherently a problem. Hawkeye is considered to have been shafted because he had no prior development to his involvement in Avengers whatsoever, and even he at least got his two moments in the film. Unlike Hawkeye, every single character will have had their time to shine in their own movies besides the Hulk and Hawkeye, and some characters like Groot and Rocket Racoon need no focus at all, and other like Drax and Gamora don't need any until they're actually confronting Thanos. It works, you're just not thinking very thoroughly about how it could because you're stuck on the knee-jerk reaction of "Last Stand and Spider-Man 3" when you here a movie involves more than 5 characters.

You use "interplay" as an argument but it doesn't hold in the slightest. By interplay you probably mean the group dynamics, but you don't have to have a film focused completely around that aspect to get it across. This movie will be just as much about the conflicts outside the team that tear them apart as it will be about their "interplay". And again, you don't have to intimately focus on every single character on the team to get the group nuances across.

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