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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Not if Iron Man goes up to space and encounters him, before returning to Earth for TA2
Unless IM winds up spending the better part of the GOTG movie as a guest star (god forbid; but the current issue of GOTG #1 in comics makes one wonder), then he's not going to be armed with any useful information or weapons or tools to use against Thanos.

A dozen heroes doesn't work. Sorry. Even a half-dozen heroes led to Hawkeye not getting much characterization in the first film.
No, the fact that Hawkeye was unnecessarily mind****ed by Loki for over half of his scenes (for no purpose whatsoever) led to him not getting much characterization in the first film. Had he been given the same amount of time he actually had in the movie, but doing something useful as an actual hero and Avenger instead of as a Loki Zombie, he would've had ample time for a richer characterization and interplay.

Audiences want more interplay between the Avengers themselves, not The Avengers: The Last Stand featuring 2 minute non-roles for a bunch of characters that were in the previous movies and a few characters that weren't
Mr. Dent said it better than I could. It's not the amount of heroes who are in a movie; it's the quality of their dialogue and characterization that makes them memorable. The Dirty Dozen did just fine, as did the Ocean's Eleven (Plus) films, The Wild Bunch, and other ensemble casts.


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