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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Storm is one of my favorite characters in the comics world... so here is my take.

When Bryan made X1, he made it as a filmmaker, NOT A FAN. He wanted to make a film about people and relationships, so he focused on the marriage of Jean and Scott being thrown for a loop with the introduction of Logan, the new tough guy with the heart of gold. On the other side of that spectrum was the outcast Rogue who must overcome and blossom. Then there was Storm (who FOX required to be in the movie), a character who was a big-name X-Man, but Bryan had no story for her.

So when Halle fought for Storm's character to have something to do in X2 (Halle never said anything about screentime, this was just added in editorially by journalists/gossip columnists to spice up the story), I was proud of her. Whether Halle did it for selfish reasons or because she just wanted her role to have some significance, it doesn't matter. She tried to do good by Storm.

So now we have DOFP and it's up to Bryan again to see if he has a place for Storm. He was never able to find a reason to have her in his movies (action scenes and power displays do not count as character development), so I dunno. As small a character as Iceman was, for example, he had LOADS MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND A STORY ARC when compared to Storm, even though Storm is the more "A-List" X-Man.

I believe Bryan has learned a lot since making X1 and X2, but he does seem to play favorites a little so I'm honestly worried. I think he knows the fans want Storm... but honestly he probably just doesn't.

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