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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
imagined slights. Normal in your eyes?? His own version of what is true??? Even though many others don't agree??? My friend, MANY people will tell you, you essentially just defined being crazy. If we want to get technical, you essentially just described narcissistic personality disorder lol.

However this is fine, this is the makeup of a very good essentially is what makes them "insane" or "crazy" these imagined slights. A lot of villains have their own views, as many probably don't even view themselves as evil.
I was expecting you to jump in. We see things quite differently, there's all there is to it. What you define as crazy, I don't. There's always an explanation for why someone acts the way they do, and actually, Loki acts quite predictably. The general idea of craziness is people doing things at random, which Loki doesn't. I don't want to discuss personal disorders here either, because the material is too scarce to judge on.

I'm not saying what I say to excuse his behavior. He has to own his actions and decisions and no one forces him to act the way he does, but at the same time we don't live our lives in a vacuum. Things that happen around him are interpreted and forms a basis for decisions and the way he acts. This is true even if someone has a personal disorder too. Just making Loki out as a villain plain and simple is to miss out on the complexity of the character. A villain with nothing redeeming in his/her character is boring and cannon fodder, expendable. I'd say that Loki is the mirror showing the murky sides of humanity, what we do when we feel slighted and crave power. His Machiavellian methods are repulsive, but nevertheless, it's something we are capable of too. It's what gives his character the resonance it does, the fact that he's not unlike us. Because he's a god the result is spectacular, but there have been plenty of rulers on this earth who knew how to cause mayhem. Not all of them have been considered evil either. It's the victor writing history after all.

I have lived with a man with Bipolar for many years. It gives you perspective on people's motives and also on what people call 'crazy'. It has also made me a lot more interested in the ambiguousness of our characters and less interested in 'good', 'true' and 'right'. Everything are in shades of grey, even the things we spontaneously call evil.

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