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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
And i have a feeling Wolverine will dominate DoFP too. He'll probably be the one to free the prisoners, take on Sentinels, jump in the time machine, stop the assassination, lead every team, be present in every conversation, take part in every action scene.

Why bother with the other X-Men at all? Why not hand them all back to Marvel and just keep Wolverine?

There's a good reason Avengers made $1.5 billion. Fox needs to wake up and smell the comics!

And you'll notice how the DoFP forum has ten times as much interest (posts) as the forum for The Wolverine. You'd think Fox would get the memo on that.

If Wolverine dominates DoFP at the expense of others, my annoyance will not go unnoticed and unpublished!
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