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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
In my world crazy and psychopathic are one in the same. You don't find it unnerving at all that Loki has no issue with killing people that have done absolutely nothing to him at all!? And you also don't find Loki telling the Destroyer to destroy everything on Earth as random when his target is actually Thor?
Oh, God. Can we please lay off the Loki is crazy psychopathic genocidal talk? I'm trying to stay out of it, I REALLY am. But Thor was equally psycopathic and genocidal towards the Frost Giants if not worse (and probably some of the other realms as well) at the beginning of Thor 1. it is stated more than once how he wanted to "slay them all". He absolutely delighted in going down there and getting into a fight and slaying all the frost giants he could. Really watch him in the Jotunheim scenes, closely, if that isnt him getting his kicks off of killing a race of people, I dont know what is. you just can see the utter joy on his face in moments as he commits these violent acts when he could have just walked away at the advise of, who? That's right his brother Loki who was trying to keep the peace and get them out of trouble.

This is a fictional fantasy story, this is not real life, and different rules apply to characters than real people. Both these characters were raised in a culture and world of violence, and glorified war. So their acts are not the same to them and their culture as they are to those of us who would never hurt a fly (me included). And because there are these differences, The writer's can take a character on whatever arc they want, and probably will, just as they showed a change in Thor, they showed a darker change in Loki, and they may still show yet another change in either or both of those characters, but that's up to them how and what that is. But it's incredibly aggravating to watch your favorite character get talked about in this one sided way when the "hero" was as a bad if not worse (for 1000 years) than he was prior to his BIG change.

I really dont want to have to read arguing about this until November (and possibly beyond) and I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to get into this, yet again. So can we PLEASE change the subject? I'm begging, you. REALLY. Please, if you like me at all. Just drop it. take it to PM or something. Please. I am starting to hate this thread for this very reason. I dont want to waste any more time or energy arguing about this.

on the topic of changing subjects a bit.

Loki's dagger, which may or may not be the dagger that the action figure is holding... Jaqua99, I have found very little on this, is this a weapon he's had a lot somewhere ? Anymore info on that you recall? what powers? how'd he get it?

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