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Default Re: Most underrated X-Men characters?

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
I think Cyclops is a really underrated character, especially when it came to the movies.
I think that's only the case in case of the movies. And I guess he was kind of underused in the comics during the 90's. But Morrison and other after him definitely put Cyclops back into the centre stage. One could argue that he's actually overexposed at this point.

With a cast as large as the X-Men's, I guess there's bound to be good and bad times for different characters. Gambit used to be huge, but seems more like a b-lister now. Nightcrawler, who was one of the main characters during the most iconic era of the series, has been killed off... Wolverine seems to be the only one who stays consistently in the spotlight.

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