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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Fangirls can get blinded, that is true, but that's their right to be blinded if they want. This is a fictional fantasy character we are talking about, not real life. A fantasy about a "bad boy" is generally harmless, because it is FANTASY. but a girl would have to be pretty dumb and self destructive to hook up with a guy like Loki or early/pre Thor 1 Thor in real life. Because both were pretty bad guys and if you can't see that then you are way too blinded. Being involved with either one would be very dangerous to a woman's health and most people have more common sense than that. The ones that dont probably need to seek counselling, and certainly a stranger on a messageboard isn't going to straighten them out on that.

And people can also get very very blinded in the other direction about Loki, I have noticed, and do not see a truly complete unbiased picture of the character and what he's been through and what's going on in his head. There is actually great value in understanding *that* in regards to violent people in real life, because when we understand what makes people do terrible things, what made them come to that point in their life, then we (as a society) might actually be able to stop people from doing terrible things in future (through improving mental health programs, rehabilitation programs in jail, and most importantly catching the warning signs early on and helping that person away from that path through meds/therapy/getting them away from an abusive/bad situation). Otherwise, if we all just sit there and say that person is evil and that is it, without looking at anything else, then we as a society get no where. There is absolutely no ground made on figuring out how to stop that behavior with that individual, or other individuals in future, and so that behavior continues. So looking at such circumstances, and empathizing/sympathizing to an extent, is actually a good thing, and can bring about progress.

There is NO POINT in arguing about any of this however. people will think what they will think, and see what they are willing to see, and be biased in either direction. Certainly a stranger arguing about it with them on a messageboard is most times not going to change their minds, on either side of the argument. And it just makes people hostile towards each other, and makes people no longer want to come into a thread. I just am so sick and tired of the arguing about it, and reading arguing about it. I just wish we could talk about more positive, less volatile topics here.

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