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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
This still is clearly from after the mansion attack since Pepper is wearing the same outfit she was in during the attack and is doing her "Alas, poor Yorrick!" impression with that damaged helmet. What this means as far as a female being in armor during the attack isn't clear, but Pepper apparently wasn't dragged into the ocean and drowned.
Then explain why Pepper is shown in the armor in the LEGO set.

Here's another possibility: *nobody* is in the armor that goes to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Most of us here are pretty sure that the trailers show that at least one of Tony's armors gets a mind of its own --- either Sentient Armor, or a suit remotely controlled by Mandarin and/or his minions. That would explain why the LEGO set layout has five different figures --- Tony, Pepper, Mandarin, Extremis Soldier, and Iron Man Mk 7: maybe Mk 7 is sentient/controlled.

It would also explain Pepper's "Alas poor Yorick" look. If the faceplate was supposed to be off of a suit Tony was in --- or that she was just in, for that matter --- would she be looking at it all "hmm....this means something"? No, she'd be bawling her eyes out because she'd think Tony was dead.

*Edit: also, the Mk 7 suit is shown looming over a scared Tony lying on his back in the damaged living room of his mansion --- most likely during the helicopter assault. So Tony is *clearly* not in the armor at the time of the attack. Someone else is....or NO ONE else is.


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