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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

well recent news seem to indicate Justice League may not be getting off ground anytime soon.

There Is no doudt Fox Is doing DOFP to create a epic with casts of both trilagy and First Class.That and working on having X-Men and FF In fox marvel shared universe Is their
attempts to compete better with DIsney.It helps now that Tom Rothman Is gone.But,far too many want them to copy The Avengers of J.J. Abrams turning Star Trek Into Star
Wars.X-men Is totally different beast.

The Avengers wa smostly sold as Robert downey JR meeting other heroes and them fighting alien Invasion.X-Men has more depth to It than The Avengers ever did.

The Dark Knight trilogy was Chris Nolan's Interpetion of Batman.Nolan admitted quite publicly to not reading comic books but being a General audence fan of batman.He and Bryan Singer are far more honest than J.J. Abrams who at various times when he Is speaking to more trekker friendly audneces has tried to claim to have to being some kind of fan and he says different things when he's not.

The themes of X-men will always make It less sucessful than Avengers and Spider-Man.Post apocalypic future with Sentinles and an assassination plot are things you would
never see In most comic book films.

X-Menays o future past should be something true to X-Men,The storyline,and Bryan Singer's vision.Not trying to copy the Avengers or J.J. Abrams Star Trek

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