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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
you are totally missing the point here.

we're talking about balance and action, not about the themes of each franchise.

if Dark Knight had a 1 billion boxoffice twice, the x-men franchise CAN have that too easily.

Its about doing epic stuff and selling the movie the right way. No more no less.

the movies will always have deeper themes, again thats wasnt the point.
Themes do matter.The empire strikes back was least sussessful of star Wars trilogy.The Phantom Menace most sucessful of prequel trilogy and It was most cwoad pleasing film of the prequels.

A case could be made the invasion In Avengers was a bit of michael Bay ripoff.

It's much easier for some to get Into what can be called crime dramas with
Chris Nolan's batman than getting Into wrold of prejudice allegory as X-Men

The pure cwoad pleasing of the avengers with nothing deep Is not X-men.

Transformers are giant blockbusters.Are you trying to say you want X-Men to be like them or say you want Bryan Singer to copy Bay? I doudt anyone seriously wants Bryan to do X-men film like Bay would do.

X-Men needs to be It's own beast not try to be copy of The Avengers or transformers or J.J. Abrams Star Trek.

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