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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
In my view he was MOST DEFINITELY as bad, if not worse, since Thor was at that kind of behavior for much longer than Loki, and has little or seemingly no psychological reason for it. You dont think so and that's fine, but we are never going to agree on that, or Loki, so what's the point in arguing about it? None.

I hear what you are saying, however, actually, from what I've read of the more recent "source material", including some of the more recent animated films, there is very definitely a trend towards changing how he is seen in the comics, making him a much more 3 dimensional character. After reading the Simonson arc, I've read other Thor comics, I've seen the Tales of Asgard film, the Blood Brothers film, read JIM Kid Loki comics, and am in the process of reading Siege (unfortunately I got a hold of Siege aftermath from the library, before I could get the stuff that came before). I can see that they are definitely adding a deeper emotional impact and origin to that character. Clearly. And it's interesting that they are doing this at a time when they are presenting a more grey character in the films than he was in the comics for a good chunk of those 50 years. And btw, Blood Brothers Loki looks NOTHING like Tom.

I dont know about all of that, but if that's your opinion fine. While it would seem from the deleted scene with Thor that there is a certain amount of looking down on Loki for his magic, Thor's "others just do tricks" jab, but I'm not sure that they actually consider it taboo. I mean, Odin has to know all about that, for one thing.

Magic will certainly bring an exciting new aspect to the fights though. So it's not just more of Thor beating people up, which we've seen over and over already. I'm really really hoping for a Malekith vs Loki magic fight. And actually I came across someone on Tumblr a while a back on the VFX team for THor 2, who bragged that she got to look at pictures of Loki all day, and in another post said something about the Loki "build team" having fun that day, so all that considered, along with AAA's comments about Loki having some great fights, I am very very encouraged that we WILL see a lot more magic out of Loki in Thor 2.
blood brothers is just an abomination of work and looks like paper lol everyone in that...thing..just looks horrible.

I am not gunna keep this going, I dp disagree with your opinion on Thor, as would many other thor fans I'm sure...but we'll let it go lol as you said, pointletss

Though not just magic out of Loki..magic in general. Everyone. I want to see magic being used much more. Even thor, and especially Odin. It seems Malekith will be using some magic based powers based on set footage, and I am sure Loki will as well. Thor doesn't need to be grounded in realism..doesn't have to be believable. Magic can exist in the MCU. It's magic ,it doesn't HAVE to be understood

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