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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Laufey wasn't a nice guy certainly, but he had his own POV about the situation, about feeling his people were being held down by "the man" aka Odin and the Asgardians. Odin is "a murderer and a thief" according to him, which raises some interesting questions about Odin and how the other realms view him. But in any case, Laufey is not exactly a 1 dimensional evil villain, either. He did give Thor and co a chance to leave peacefully, after all. However, we have absolutely no idea what or who Loki's mother was and if she was and "evil creature" at all. Not being argumentative. Just stating a fact (for the MCU anyway, there is very little on her in the comics too, from what I've seen)

Dark arts vs light magic, I'm not sure how much they've shown the two as different in the Thor comics. Are they different? Is there a Wicked Witch of the West and a Glinda the Good Witch in the Thor comics, really? Or Sith Force vs Jedi Force? I honestly didn't think there was but I dont know enough about that aspect. Doesn't Dr. Strange know about the "dark arts" and he's a good guy, and Scarlet Witch. I thought it was all magic/"science", not necessarily good or bad, just how you use it.

I am confident that Nick Fury's comment was referring to wanting to torture Loki for information, because Fury no doubt could see that he wasnt' going to do anything to Loki, if Thor was not okay with it. And clearly, Thor was not okay with torturing Loki there, so at this point Black Widow enters with a different tactic. Interestingly, it seems like Loki thought that Thor would be okay with torturing him, judging by his response to seeing Black Widow (as he expected to see her be used as a "balm" to get info from him after the torture).

My feeling (my fan fiction version in my head of this backstory currently) is that it is possible that IF Odin knows there is a prophecy regarding Loki causing Ragnarok, that he knew that about Loki when he was a baby, and may have gone to the temple to kill baby Loki there (hence Laufey calling him a murderer, if he really abandoned the baby, then he probably wouldnt have cared about Odin killing the baby to still hold resentment about it). Because killing the baby would prevent the prophecy from fullfilling in theory. Then in the temple Odin looked on baby Loki, and saw he was just an innocent child, and couldn't bring himself to murder him, couldnt' make that "moral sacrifice" so to speak, no matter the predictions about him, and so took Loki in to raise him, and hope that he could change that destiny/prophecy/predicted outcome. This is what I hope the backstory is, actually, and that somehow Loki is able to rise above it in the MCU. But that's all just speculation.
exactly, and given that would have been 1000 years ago, and how wise Odin is, he would have done it to ensure peace. This would lead me to assume that Loki is not part of the prophecy. Im sure some parts of the prophecy, if there is one in the mcu, will be mentioned in this movie.

and what you are describing what you are hoping from Loki....that is what he did to Thor in the comics...rose him a certain way so they can change the prophecy, it was revealed. Thus thor ended up changing the prophecy, not the way "those who sit above in shadows" had it planned out. He gave up his eyes, learned run magic, became more powerful and more wiser than his father, and completely ended the cycle of ragnarok.

What you described already happened in the comics with thor, and it is perosnally one of my favorite arcs, so I am sure if they had a prophecy changing plot, it would be lightly influenced from the rune lord thor arc

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