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Default Re: Stuff you like to believe happened in Nolan's series

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
So Bane's knuckles are the only part of him that's indestructible.Got it.
Going into "berserker" mode, why would Bane stop even if he broke a few knuckles? There's no timeouts in a fight, lol.

I gotta admit though,you guys have a point.In a film where a knee brace worn once cures a knee without cartilage,
We have no idea if it's only worn once. If Bane did indeed have his brace taken off, then I go in the metaphorical idea of climbing out of the Pit made Bruce anew. And either way...Bruce still didn't do anything with his bad leg, even kicking Bane through the City Hall doors with the other leg.

A broken back is cured by an old dude hitting it and hanging him on a rope for a few weeks,
His back wasn't fully broken as it is in Knightfall. Old Eastern medicine isn't all too bewildering to think it could have worked if he had a protruding vertebrae.

Batman doesn't bleed to death from a 5 inch knife wound,
Neither was a gunshot, because he's gone through that before. Recall Joker stabbing Batman in the penthouse?

and escapes an A bomb's blast radius with 5 seconds to spare-
Because his cape being able to glide and a possible ejection wouldn't do the trick of having him escape?

having Bane survive a small explosion is insane!
Small explosions? The Bat-pod's missiles were also able to take out a Tumbler. Could small explosions do that?

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