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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 1

Just to be clear, I didnt say I recommended it. ROFL. Just making the point that I made the effort and watched it and other stuff...

I will probably reply to you later jaqua99, just mulling some things over right now.

I wanted to just add to the quote that came from Tom about seeing "new dimensions" and what he was referring to, the other realms or new dimensions to his character. I sort of assumed it was new realms/planets dimensions, but then i remembered this very recent quote from him

"It's so exciting to have established characters and an established setting in the world, and we are working so hard to cook up something new. That is what is exciting me - taking what we know, taking what we love and deepening it and giving it an extra dimension. I think director Alan Taylor is really shaping up the world of Asgard and the world of these characters."

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so yeah, I think he may be referring to new dimensions to Loki's character in that vid yesterday. (since he was being questioned specifically about what Loki was up to in Thor 2).. so. YAY.

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