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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
In hindsight I still would have used venom. I would have never had Talia stab Batman. Maybe reveal her as Talia some other way. Like hold Catwoman hostage or something. Keep everything else the same Batman beating up Bane and Talia goes over to Bane and fix his mask and then turns up his venom. We get an epic scene of Bane becoming juiced up Bane and then we get another epic fight between those two for about 5 minutes. Batman beats him somehow and catwoman escapes from Talia and then batman stops her and gets rid of the bomb. But venom should have been used
Venom seems a bit too cartoony, even after seeing Dent being able to stay alive for half a day after half his face was burnt off or Bruce being able to walk after a couple of months after a vertebrae mishap. Venom itself is a point where you get too comic-booky when you'e dealing with some kind of liquid that enhances your physique/size/etc. I really loved the idea of the medicine that pushed his pain at bay, but I hope there was just more explanation on that, but for the most part, we are told enough.

And Talia stabbing Bruce, more than anything, is just a parallel to how Talia was stabbing someone with a knife inside the Pit who took her mother and then she ended up stabbing the man who killed her father with a knife as well.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I would have had no problem with Coleman Reese having a minor role in TDKR, but it'd make absolutely no sense for Bane to learn Bruce's identity from him when he has every reason to know it from being associated with the League of Shadows.

And with using Coleman Reese, it would have made the character come out to be someone that wasn't just a coward in TDK but someone that Bruce could rely on without someone knowing the secret just disappear and not show up in the third film.

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