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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Well the great thing about MOS is that we'll have the same actor playing the character both before and after he put on the costume.

When we were introduced to Reeve for the first time on the screen, he was already Superman; we never got to see Reeve play the character during his wandering years.

So when we see Cavil play the character as he goes on that journey, it'll make a bigger impact on the audience when he finally makes it to the end since the audience would have started out with him first.
That's a good point herolee,we started to get into the life of younger Clark in the Smallville scenes in STM,and had the emotion of his Father passing,then also the heartbreaking scene imo where he leaves his Mother on her own,she loses a Husband and a Son in a short space of time,especially as in that movie he goes through training for years,poor Martha,so we became emotionally attached,then we get a different Clark and we lose a little of that.

But in this,we get Henry's Smallville story and journey,we will be with him throughout,and as you say,it will make a bigger impact on the audience as we see his transition,and hopefully we will all care that little bit more for him because of it.

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