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Default Do you consider Ang Lee's Hulk MCU canon?

Look Ang Lee's Hulk is much maligned (and justifiable IMHO) but there are definitely some people who really enjoy it. Since time wise, overall story wise*, and character background wise it could POSSIBLY still be in canon within the MCU; I was wondering how many of you consider it to be?

*There are definitely some plot holes to be sure.

My take is that I'd have to say no it's not canon. Aside from the obvious continuity errors it would introduce: the relationship between the Ross', Betty's injury during the first Hulk out, the fact that the original Hulk out took place at a completely different laboratory, and the manner of Banner gaining his still doesn't fit. Why? Because the entire tone and characterization doesn't fit with TIH/Avengers at all. It clearly just doesn't go.

So what are your thoughts?


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