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Default Re: The Official Thor 2 Fan Art & Manip thread

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
It was mainly the sword and environment that made me think it was for Surtur. I wouldnt be too happy with that, no, but that could be why it wasn't used and was only 'concept art' For MCU purposes, they might not make him quite as big, and they may not make him look exactly the same. It sounds like Kurse is going to be quite different from the comics, and may not be quite as big either.

I was thinking the other was a fire demon, if it was meant for Thor/Thor 2.
yeah, it's definitally Surtur art. the sword makes that clear, you're right. It just...I mean, no disrespect to the artist, cause the guy is talented, and that creature DOES look good. But as Surtur, it's just ugly.

We know Kurse is gunna have some CGI, and kurse varies in size a lot. I would say he is on average 7 feet, so yeah, not that huge. As long as he is even "a little" bigger than Thor, I would say that he will be similar in size to the comics. Surtur on the other hand, is 1000 feet tall lol. 1,000. I would be satisfied with anyone over 100. Big enough to say, fit thor in his hand. But a little bigger than that image. I did actually just notice that concept Surtur is crouched down, were he standing up right, his head would probably be out of the frame. Yes, he can be different, but there are some qualities to I him I am sure they wouldn't leave out..that being a somewhat humanoid body, his tail, and his horns

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