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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
totally agree about Jean. I never felt she was the lead female. To me Storm has a bigger role than her. At least her action moments were better than Jean. At least to me. And her scenes with Kurt were ten times better than any scene with Jean.
Storm is barely in X2, so I don't know what you were watching. The scene with Nightcrawler actually had to be rewritten to include her because Storm had so little to do in the rest of the movie. A "female lead" has nothing to do with action scenes, it has to do with participation in the story and relation to other characters.

Jean was the female lead in X2:

1. The female lead is traditionally the love interest of the male lead (Wolverine : the protagonist)

2. Jean has her own arc in the film: she's established as losing control of her powers since Liberty Island and that storyline is resolved by the end of the film (Jean's sacrifice). No other female character has an arc in the film or a significant storyline.

3. Jean's storyline is a (subtle) mirror of Wolverine's storyline: Wolverine is going on a external journey/quest of self-discovery. Jean has an internal journey of self-discovery of her powers (clearly less time is spent on her journey).

4. Jean's storyline has a climax (Jean gains control of her powers and saves the team) just as Wolverine's does (his final confrontation with Stryker). Jean's is arguably the bigger one even.

5. Jean is part of the love triangle subplot that actually gets multiple scenes in the film and is a continuing subplot from X1. Storm doesn't even have a subplot in the film.

6. Most of the denouement of the film (i.e. the part after the climax) is spent on characters (Wolverine, Cyclops, Prof X) reacting to Jean's sacrifice. Jean even closes the film with narration hinting at her return.

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