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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
July 26 is "early July"???

Actually, late July is more of 'not the biggest movie of the summer and we can get away with a trailer in March' type of planning.

I believing "trying their best" would be putting a good movie together, not racing out a half-assed trailer that would leave fanboys complaining that it looked rushed and incomplete.
I was thinking of Pacific Rim and Lone Ranger and for some reason I thought fox ended up with an early July. Figures it would be at the end.

I however believe "trying their best" would be getting a good early start on production(unlike First Class) working their quality and getting a good amount of promotional material out there with the rest of their competition. First footage seen 4 months out isn't their best and I'm very curious what the the actual reasoning is.

Long story short, there should be no need to "race out a half assed anything." Unlike PRim, I would hope this film wasn't exceptionally reliant on CGI you won't want getting out unfinished.

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