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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

No, I follow movies enough to know release dates. I knew which quarter of July this movie was coming out but like I said; I got it mixed up with the other July releases. Again, I did know, I just made a mistake, lack of media may have had a hand in this.
I know Star Trek is late may and Ironman is early may(or late april), however that doesn't mean I won't have a post in the near future where I mix them up. Probably not though, due to the effective marketing.

If Wolverine didn't have a trailer till the month of release I would make about 10 assumptions and yes they would be based on the simple fact that there is not a trailer. One could argue that they are just doing their thing, trying their best and assuring quality...More power to them.

The late start to a campaign to a big summer film that's coming off of a horribly received installment will justifiably get people speculating. There very well may be a sordid back story. This production isn't without it's "drama"

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
And you were involved in every facet of the production to know this, were you?

Look, being disappointed about not having a trailer is one thing. What you're doing is making assumptions based on wrong dates, and information that none of us know anything about. Seems silly.
Don't have to be involved in "every facet of the production" to make an inference. It's called a forum for a reason.

Films about giant cg composites and causing public damage have a huge post process and studios holding off on trailers due to quality control are a given. What's going on with Wolverine is "anyone's guess" but it's definitely not that particular situation.

One person could assume that a studio isn't pleased with the footage so there has to be work done to it. Another person can take the more optimistic route and pass tulips around...Given this series and this studios track record I say infer away.

Notice no one's making such inferences about iron man 3? Just as no one did about TDKR... That's kinda what happens when the studio takes time to put out even mundane footage within the more standard paradigm.

but hey, the director said the cool kids show up late so forget any of that.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
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