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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

There is no reason why X-Men can't be a billion dollar franchise. The only reason it hasn't reached those heights has been because of the studio holding out on big budgets and editing the hell out of what should be 2 hour-plus long films. The facts?

1.) The franchise has arguably the strongest and best cast EVER

2.) Bryan Singer and his writers are back

3.) We live in a world where gays and minorities are dominating every aspect of politics, entertainment and other subjects (let's be honest--the X-Men theme really speaks about acceptance of those who are different from the majority).

So now it's all about execution. They've got [most of] the big gun characters from the original trilogy back alongside some incredible young actors from the critically acclaimed First Class film. As long as FOX gives Bryan a chunky budget and doesn't try to slice the film down to their usual 90 minutes we could easily have a billion selling film here.

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