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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
No single footage released 4 months before the release of a high profile early july release and he's telling fans to relax. That's some confidence.

Fox did this to the last Xmen movie too, they ended up all but releasing the entire film with various spots and features in a short time. Then again Vaughn had sooo little time to make that movie.

Considering the condition of the Wolverine brand, I would think Fox would "try their best"

At this point, it could be argued that we've seen more of the next spiderman than this film.
Its not just the wait. They also have to build hype. I surely can wait for a trailer even if its comes out 1 month before the film opens at theaters. But for casual viewers, they have to build interest and hype so more people would watch the movie. Look at The Hobbit series or any other movies out there who are promoting the movie by showing teaser trailers in big events such as SuperBowl and showing the trailer to big movies and they don't even come out in 5 to 10 months. Plus its a teaser trailer, they don't have to show a lot of clips like they did for the past X-Men movies - the teaser trailer of those movies had a lot of clips.

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