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Default Re: Will Star Wars ruin the Star Trek franchise?

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Well, personally I was never under the impression that these new movies were meant to have a decades long run like The Original Series and The Next Generation. To me it seems like the goal for Abrams and the cast was simply to revjuvinate and reenergize the franchise and then move on, allowing a new group of people to put their mark on the series.

Which to me at least, is the most exciting thing about the reboot; Where does the series go after Abrams and the current cast step down?
I agree. Hopefully, we get a new series. I think it would work best if Star Wars continued making movies, while Star Trek found a home on television, with a feature film every once in a while.

I think the biggest mistake Paramount made was waiting to make TNG movies until after the series concluded. By the time Generations came out, the cast was getting tired, and they seemed to have run out of great ideas for that crew. Why not make a film during the series' run? Best of Both Worlds could have made a great film.

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